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    The Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans

    No matter how much you love the great outdoors and want to be with nature, Mother Nature throws you a curveball sometimes. A flat tire, a down battery, or a dead engine is definitely one of those curveballs. There are various RV roadside assistance plans to rescue you from such troubles.

    Traveling around the country in a big, cumbersome RV is exciting but overwhelming. This is why you need to subscribe to a plan for roadside assistance for RVs. It will rescue you whenever you feel lost or frustrated in your journey because of something like an overheated engine. The service provider will send help your way as soon as possible.

    I Have RV Insurance. Do I Still Need Motorhome Roadside Assistance?

    Insurance is necessary, and roadside assistance is beneficial but not essential.

    What does RV insurance cover?

    RV insurance provides coverage for your rig during driving and parking. It has a lot of perks like theft, fire, and vandalism coverage. It also has a few things like liability coverage while you’re driving your RV to different locations. You can also get compensated for any related expenses (like medical bills).

    A policy may cover everything from repairs caused by minor accidents like a fender bender to significant damage from catastrophic events like a flood or collision. However, if you have an accident that’s your fault, your insurance may not cover anything at all!

    All policies are designed to keep you financially protected in the event of an accident or other covered incidents. Accidental damage caused by pets, weather conditions, or even spoiled food can also be reimbursed if it’s appropriately reported and is within the scope of your coverage.

    What does roadside assistance for trailers cover?

    RV roadside assistance plans are services where the provider company will send “assistance” in inconvenient situations.

    The company will send someone out to repair what’s broken on your rig. Many companies offer this service as a part of their insurance packages. Having it means that if something breaks down while you’re on the road—like flat tires or a dead battery—the company you call will come out to fix those things for free!

    If required, the service provider may also send a tow truck to tow the trailer to a nearby repair center. This service will help you get back on the road when the rig is stranded somewhere.

    rv roadside assistance reviews

    The Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans

    If you are an RVer, you know that it’s inevitable to get stuck on the roadside at some point for one reason or another. There are a lot of companies out there who offer excellent assistance services. We’ve gone through the RV roadside assistance plans of 3 different companies so you can make an RV roadside assistance comparison.

    #1. Coach-Net Plans

    • Drivable RVs: $249/year
    • Towable RVs: $179/year

    When you need it most, Coach-Net is here for you. It offers the best RV roadside assistance program if you consider extending the coverage.

    The company has been around for decades, and its name and reputation are stellar. Its customer satisfaction rating is among the highest in the industry. Coach-Net is known far and wide as the go-to solution for all of your roadside needs.

    The company provides comprehensive coverage that extends to your entire family of drivers for driving the RV and other personal vehicles. You and your family members will be covered whether you are driving a rented, borrowed, or leased vehicle.

    Your safety is Coach-Net’s top priority. That’s why every one of its employees is skilled in handling large rigs like yours. Take a suitable plan, and you will get unlimited tire assistance, battery boosts, and service more available 24/7. There are no mileage limits on service either!

    #2. Escapees Roadside Assistance Plans

    • Escapees Roadside Assistance plan: $109/year

    Take the membership of the Escapees RV Club for $39.95 and enjoy unlimited access to all features of this plan. The membership will cost $49.95 if you live in Mexico or Canada.

    If you face an unfortunate incident on the road, the Escapees roadside assistance plan is here to your rescue. It offers a full suite of remote technical assistance, emergency roadside service, and other perks to make you feel safe on the road.

    If your RV breaks down and needs assistance, they’ll tow it to a repair shop or even provide a mobile mechanic to help you get back on the road. Enjoy tire change, unlock doors, and plenty of other standard services.

    And with unlimited coverage, you never have to worry about what might go wrong next time you’re on the road. That’s peace of mind that keeps on rolling.

    RV roadside assistance plans
    You will get emergency roadside service from Escapees. Photo: Dreamstime

    #3. Good Sam Roadside Assistance Plans

    • Standard: $129.95/year
    • Platinum: $159.95/year
    • Platinum Complete: $239.95/year

    The company often offers discounts, so you can get the plans at lower prices.

    If you read the RV roadside assistance plan reviews, you will often see the mentions of Good Sam plans. It’s not just hype, but the plans are actually helpful. The facilities vary depending on which plan you are on, but they all offer the common standard features.

    Good Sam understands that there’s nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the road. So, the plans exempt you from mileage restrictions and dollar limits. No matter how far you are, rest easy, knowing that Good Sam will get you and your vehicle back on the road quickly. Each plan’s coverage extends to RVs and other vehicles you own.

    You don’t need to worry about whether it’s worth paying extra for this service—it is! With Good Sam roadside assistance, you can get flat tire repair, a full tank of gas, and even emergency fuel delivery without worrying about the cost.

    Even if your car breaks down in the middle of the night, the team at Good Sam has got you covered 24 hours a day with no mileage restrictions or dollar limits. In addition to all of those great benefits, the plans offer many other services that can help make your next trip genuinely fantastic.

    best RV roadside assistance plans

    For the RV roadside assistance plans discussed above, you should check the company’s websites to get details about them.

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