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    A Breakdown of the Trailer Hitch Installation Cost

    Though installing a trailer hitch is a little pricey, it’s definitely worth it. It makes your life a lot easier since you can use the hitch to tow trailers, haul materials, and even pull a boat. How much does a trailer hitch installation cost?

    The average cost varies depending on a few factors, but in general, you can expect to pay between $300 and $1,400 for professional installation. The final expense fluctuates primarily because of the hitch type and the car you install it on.

    So, if you’re thinking of installing a hitch for the first time, let us help you figure out the cost of everything in detail.

    Costs of Different Trailer Hitch Parts

    How much does it cost to get a hitch installed? Let’s look into a breakdown of the prices of different hitch parts to get an idea about the trailer hitch installation cost.

    Ball Mount

    A ball mount is a part that slides into the receiver. It attaches the ball to the vehicle. Depending on the design and size, it costs around $10 to $50.

    Wiring Harness

    The wire harness connects your car brakes to your trailer brakes, so people driving behind you can see your turn signals and brake lights. The price of the harness ranges from $15 to $50.

    Hitch Pin

    This L-shaped hitch pin holds the ball mount to the hitch receiver. The cost of this part can be as low as $5 to over $25.

    Trailer Ball

    It’s a metal ball that attaches the trailer to the vehicle. They’ve different sizes, varying between 1-7/8, 2, 2-5/16, and 3 inches.

    The larger the ball is, the bigger trailer they can tow. They usually cost between $10 and $40.

    how much does it cost to get a hitch installed
    A trailer hitch ball.

    Safety Chains

    These chains keep everything in place and protect your trailer and car if the ball comes loose. All hitches feature two X-shaped chains underneath the ball. They cost less than $25.


    The receiver bolts to the vehicle’s frame. How much are trailer hitches? It also depends on the different hitch classes since the cost can range from under $120 to over $200.

    Types of Trailer Hitches and Their Prices

    The hitch you need depends on your trailer and tow vehicle models. Remember that towing a boat will warrant a different hitch size than the ones for pulling an RV.

    How much is a trailer hitch installed? It also depends on the type you choose. There are five types of hitches:

    Class 1

    It’s best for midsize sedans and light-duty SUVs and can carry sports trailers, crossovers, and light cargo. The GTW capacity of this type of trailer hitch is 2000 lbs. They cost around $120 to $180.

    Class 2

    Class 2 hitches are larger and more robust than Class 1 hitches. It can pull up to 3500 pounds and has a 2-inch receiver tube.

    This size of receiver hitch is compatible with minivans and boat trailers. Their price is around $130 to $475.

    Class 3

    The hitch is designed for trucks, vans, and large SUVs with 8000 lbs GTW capacity. These heavy-duty trailer hitches are mounted to the bottom of the car’s chassis with a removable drawbar. Price ranges for Class 3 hitches are between $145 and $180.

    Class 4

    As one of the most powerful receiver hitches, Class 4 hitches are highly functional. It can pull up to 10000 lbs and has a 2-and-a-half-inch receiver tube.

    You can tow SUVs and truck trailers with this hitch. They cost between $180 and $350.

    Class 5 or Fifth Wheel

    Mounted higher on the trailer, it stands at a height between 45 and 49 inches. This hitch requires a particular type of truck that can haul the extra weight.

    The GTW capacity is 16000 to 17000 lbs, and the 5th wheel hitch installation cost is around $950 to $1400.

    Trailer Hitch Installation Cost for Different Vehicles

    The cost of installing tow hitch ranges from $200 to $900. This cost depends on the vehicle’s model. Here’s a list of the tow hitch installation cost of various car models:

    • Toyota Sienna: $245 to $390
    • Honda Odyssey: $240 to $325
    • Hyundai Santa Fe: $265 to $345
    • Mazda CX -9: $239 to $354
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee: $365
    • Mazda CX-5: $440
    • Chevrolet Colorado: $450
    • Subaru Ascent: $444
    • Subaru Forester: $450
    • Toyota Rav4: $186
    • Ford Explorer: $350
    • Honda CR-V: $900
    • RAM Laramie 2500: $315 to $430
    • Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid: $382
    cost of installing tow hitch
    The cost varies depending on the hitch type. Photo: CostHack

    Labor Cost to Install Trailer Hitch

    Installing a trailer hitch is time-consuming and can take hours to complete. You may want to consider paying for a professional installer, as this will save you from the hassle of doing everything yourself.

    However, the labor cost for a hitch installation varies depending on the type of hitch installed. Below is a list of how much for trailer hitch installation:

    • $200 to $250 for Class 1 and 2
    • $300 for Class 3
    • $350 to $400 for Class 4
    • $650 for Class 5

    FAQs Trailer Hitch Installation Cost

    Is it worth it to install a trailer hitch?

    A trailer hitch will provide a better experience when towing your trailer. It can help protect your vehicle if you need to use it as a recovery point or tow vehicle.

    How hard is it to install a trailer hitch?

    The installation is simple and quick. With some prep work and essential experience, you can do it in under an hour without hassle.

    Does installing a hitch damage your car?

    No, there is no damage to your vehicle. However, it can damage your car’s electric system if you install them incorrectly.

    Final Words

    The trailer hitch installation cost depends on the type of hitch you choose because each hitch has a different installation cost. You will find a hitch in every budget, so don’t worry about it being too expensive.

    Now that you’ve all the information, you can figure out the installation cost for your RV trailer and tow vehicle. The next step is to plan your project, collect all the tools and materials, and complete the installation.

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